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Brilliant lie By AAP to come to power in Punjab and link everything to demonetisation

In a recent tweet Arvind kejriwal, the superemo of AAP party tweeted the below information, remember this is a old article of 2014, with the current date, surely misleading people and linking it to the current demonetisation

पिछले हफ़्ते 6000 cr लोन माफ़ कर दिया, अब ये? ऐसे उड़ाओगे हमारा पैसा?

SBI to give $1-billion loan to Gautam Adani http://www.indialivetoday.com/sbi-to-give-1-billion-loan-to-gautam-adani-for-a-mine-project-in-queensland/62306.html …


According to this article, published in 2014, it is two years old, however used now.

New Delhi, November 18: The State Bank of India (SBI) will provide a loan of $ 1 billion (over Rs 6,000 crore) to Adani Mining, the Australian subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, for its mine project in Queensland, reported the indianexpress.com.

The Adani group is headed by Gautam Adani. The SBI have signed a memorandum of understanding which provides for a credit facility of up to $ 1 billion. The Mou is according to a detailed assessment of the company’s mine project at Carmichael, near Clermont in Western Queensland.

While contacted by the Indian express, a senior SBI official declined to share the details. Already, Adani has borrowings of close to Rs 65,000 crore. The SBI’s loan offer comes, when banks are reporting sluggish loan demand and a rise in bad loans. At this time many companies especially infrastructure firms lines up at banks for debt restructuring.

SBI shares shot up by 5.44 per cent to Rs 2,940.15 on the BSE on Monday after the loan announcement. Adani Enterprises gained 1.44 per cent to Rs 495.70.

Further can be read from the orginal site



however it can be clearly seen by the posting, how people get affected by a single tweet and not even bothered from when and how it is published