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coal-gate probe, CBI arrests CBI officer, CBI officer found taking bribe,

CBI, New Delhi: Superintendent of Police Vivek Dutt and Inspector Rajesh have been arrested for taking bribe from a businessman to settle his land dispute. Mr Dutt was involved in the investigation of the high profile coal block scam.

CBI sources informed that the bribe was not involved with the coal scam case. It was informed that Mr. Dutt was acting like a mediator to resolve a land issue. To settle the matter, the businessman has provided a sum of 7 lakhs as bribe, to get the result in his favor. The inspector acted on behalf of Mr Dutt to collect the money.

CBI officials informed that both of these officers were arrested after an internal CBI vigilance. As per the supreme court directive none of the officers involved in the coal scam investigation can be discharged of their duties till the probe is complete.

CBI director Ranjit Sinha said that "We had information about such a dealing and we continued to maintain surveillance on them. After monitoring them for pretty long, today they were arrested for taking the bribe". He said CBI would inform the Supreme Court soon about the developments since the apex court had ruled that no official associated with the probe into the scam will be transferred without informing it.

Mr Dutt is the head of CBI's cyber cell. This is being informed that the bribery case has nothing to do with the coal-gate scam. Mr Sinha also said that “My aim while taking over as CBI Director was to ensure zero tolerance of corruption”.