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Centre Strong points to counter Kapil Sibal AIMPLB on triple talaq

New Delhi, Centre: The centre made the strongest pitch to make a strong point against Kapil Sibals yesterdays view that triple talaq is in practice for more then 1500 years, should it should not be stopped.

One of the top lawyers Mukul Rohatgi made a strong point and said that instant divorce was certainly not the essential part of Islam and certainly instant divorce cannot be in practice only because it was in practice for more than 1500 years. Rohatgi further said that “Can anyone say that we allow human sacrifice just because it was practiced earlier”.

Mukul Rohatgi also rejected the suggestion by Kapil Sibal that court should not mingle into this as because forcing a law would amount to the majority of the Muslim community forcing its views on the minority community.

Rohatgi said that it is not a majority versus minority issue but a conflict between what should be done and what should not.

Mukul Rohatgi said the court must step in to remove the triple talaq as also the age old practice from the Hindus had also been removed, like the Sati and the untouchability. On this the court shot back and said “all these issues were addressed by the legislature which removed it. If we (court) enter, you will say the judiciary usurped powers of the legislature.”