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Charged up Modi, return the favor back to Mamta Banerjee indirectly accusing her of the chit fund scam

Agra, Narendra Modi: Till now I was Mamta Banerjee attacking the PM over the demonetization issue, now it was the Prime Minister Narendra Modi turn to give it back and in a hard way.

"Poor’s chit fund money was looted ….A lot of people had invested their money in chit funds and many of them had lost their lives because of that. These people are raising fingers on me today,” NAMO quoted.

While addressing the rally in Agra in Uttar Pradesh ahead of assembly elections in the state. After expressing grief over the deaths in Kanpur train derailment incident, where more than 100 people have been killed, PM Modi trained guns at the chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee.

The Prime Minister also launched the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Grameen) and inaugurated the fourth Mathura-Palwal railway line.

PM Modi hit out at the Congress Party, stating that the congress governments in the past 70 years kept quiet on the issue of black money since they were worried about losing power.

He further cautioned the people holding the Jan Dhan accounts and advised them not to allow themselves to be used for laundering the money of the rich by depositing their ill-earned wealth since they could get into trouble unnecessarily.

I know what sorts of people are raising their voice against me? Does the country not know whose money was invested in chit fund business? Lakhs and crores of poor people invested money in chit funds. But with the blessings of politicians, crores and crores of rupees have vanished.” Indirectly the PM took jibe at West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.

"But with the blessings of politicians, crores and crores of rupees have vanished. Due to chit fund loss, hundreds of head of families were forced to commit suicide. Look at history and they are questioning me," he further added without taking names.

The prime minister acknowledged that the country was reeling under hardships because of liquidity crunch due to demonetisation. “I had said that inconvenience is going to happen, but I want to commend the people who, despite all that, people are supporting it. I can assure you all that your sacrifice won’t go in vain,” he said adding, “Now corrupt are paying bills on times. I will review note ban and make changes.”

 "I have asked for 50 days. It's been just 10 days and over 5,000 crore rupees have already been deposited in banks... the banks will infuse this money in the markets, and this is good for the coming generation," he said.