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India, Uttar Pradesh: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attacked the Samajwadi Party in a public meeting held in Nawabganj in Allahabad in support of BJP candidate Kushalendra Singh Patel in the Lok Sabha by-election on the Phulpur parliamentary seat.

CM Yogi repeated the statement of PM Modi and said that when the sunrise happens then the color of the sun is saffron and the color is red at sunset. He said that the cap of Samajwadi Party (SP) is also red and it has come to frustrate the situation. Yogi accused the former SP government of discrimination. He said that in the previous SP government, electricity was found in only four districts of the state. We ensure uniform distribution of electricity in the state. CM claimed that there would be no discrimination in development.

The yogi said, there will be no discrimination in development. Whether it is Gorakhpur or Allahabad, Lucknow or Agra all the same development will be there. We have provided 11 lakh housing to the poor in just 10 months. We started the work of debt forgiveness of 86 lakh farmers. Yogi Adityanath said, the first people had assumed that from where the pit holes begin, the state of Uttar Pradesh starts From  there, where the darkness started, people believed that Uttar Pradesh started there. Today people can say that from where the light starts, the border of Uttar Pradesh starts.

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