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Credit facility railway ticket started on IRCTC, buy now, pay later

New Delhi: Indian Railways, IRCTC has become the first cashless agency in all government agencies to accept digital payments. IRCTC customers can now book ticket in credit from the IRCTC website.

As per this new scheme launched earlier this month, customers will be able to book tickets by borrowing through IRCTC website five days before traveling, and they have to pay the ticket within 14 days of booking. On these tickets, service charges of 3.5 percent will be charged from the passengers. Thus travelers can easily book their tickets on credit.

For this service, IRCTC has tied up with Mumbai's company ePaylater. This is known as book now, pay later option from IRCTC and ePaylater will be offered for Express train e-tickets only. Giving information about the scheme, IRCTC spokesman Sandeep Dutta said that till now 50 people have used this service. Now passengers are being given the facility of booking tickets immediately without worrying about the money being provided by IRCTC. Sandeep Dutta said that if the passengers cannot pay the ticket amount on time, they will be penalized. With this, he said that the travelers who repeatedly misbehave in paying such ticket money will be deprived of this scheme forever.

The ticket will be decided by the credit limit operators. To which passenger, who has to pay a credit on the ticket, it will decide the income through the customer's payment history, online purchase pattern, digital footprint and device information. By the time the passengers used to pay the money through their IRCTC account for the ticket. There is a lot of crowd of people waiting for tickets at the ticket counter at the station, so now online tickets and then online payments will give the passengers a lot of relief. Passengers will not have to wait for their turn to stand in line and buy tickets.