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Dangerous! UP Congress booklet terms India Occupied Kasmir

Uttar Pradesh Congress issued a booklet on Saturday (May 03), which has made a Dangerous mistake yet again and mentioned Kashmir in the book as 'Indian Occupied Kashmir'. This booklet was released after the completion of three years of BJP-led government in the centre. The booklet was released by senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and Raj Babbar in Lucknow.

The 16-page booklet has also the mention of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)  and a map is shown on the 11th page. The map of Kashmir has been described as 'India-Occupied Kashmir' in this map. It has been written with the map that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor of $ 54 billion has been built through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which connects Gwadar port to China in the Arabian Sea. Is this a question mark when Pok is part of integral India?

It is strange to notice how a grand old party like Congress can do such mistakes and a question arises do the Congress party dosent knows that by doing such mistakes it is further loosing the public connect and support from the masses which it still enjoys at many places.

Issuing the booklet, Ghulam Nabi Azad from Congress party raised the issue of national security in the press conference. He said that during the tenure of NDA Government, 578 jawans of the country were killed and 877 civilians were killed during the last three years.

He said, "In J & K alone 203 jawans were killed, Pakistan infiltrated 1343 times in Jammu Kashmir and in six months three bodies of our six soldiers were destroyed." He said, "During the tenure of the previous Congress government the bodies of the two soldiers were mutilated, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that in 2014 in his election speeches to give a befitting reply to Pakistan. But now with Pakistan, mangoes, shawls and saris are being exchanged. "

He alleged that big things were discussed on security in the NDA government, but no concrete work was done. When Modi addressed election rallies as a candidate for the post of prime minister, he used to speak out loud about the security of the country and surrounded the Congress government.

Raj Babbar said that those who have printed have already clarified and given a statement and there is no point in discussing all this again.

The BJP said the Congress party must clarify that whether they are with India or Pakistan.