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Demonetisation RaGa: Rahul rally at Dharamshala

Dharamsala, Rahul Gandhi: Aiming his guns at the Narendra Modi, RAGA again took multiple shots at the PM Narendra Modi at the Dharamashala's rally saying that demonetisation initiated by the Centre has affected India's economy and is a firebomb on country's cash economy.

RAGA, gave a speech for about 40-minute speech in Hindi, he said Congress is not against a cashless system but it should not be imposed.

Here are the top highlights of the Dharamashala rally by Rahul Gandhi, which covered mainly Demonetisation:-

  1. Want to ask the prime minister why he didn’t table the Swiss bank’s list given to him earlier
  2. PM Modi you have divided India into two parts. On one side is one per cent rich and on other there are poor people and middle class.
  3. Modi is saying the situation after demonetisation would improve in 50 days but it will not improve for six to seven months.
  4. PM Modi has destroyed the backbone of livelihood of most people of Shimla and Dharashala, as not many people are visiting these places post demonetisation.
  5. BJP distributed sweets to people standing in queues to collect case in front of ATMs and banks, he said.

People standing in ques got laddu for Rs 3, whereas Malya got a laddu for Rs 1200 Crore.

  1. The one’s who stash huge sum of black money don’t do it only in cash but in real estates, jewellery etc.
  2. In MP, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, BJP Govt has taken away lands of adivasis
  3. The step has affected horticulture, agriculture and tourism of the state like Himachal Pradesh.
  4. Demonetisation step is against the poor of the country, says Congress vice president.