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New vehicles to feature digital tag for payments at toll booths

Bangalore: The whole of the nation is turning into a digital India or not places in India have started making a significant contribution towards it.

First it was akodhara, Gujarat; a small village which showed all of India how can a small village turn out into a digital economy. Where in each and every shop is cashless transaction is done, it is done only through card or other payment.

Coming in this line we have been tracing other digital initiative being done by the Modi government

Part 1: Digital transformation at the toll booths

In a major initiative, the Indian government has asked all the automobile manufacturers to provide a digital identity tag in all the newly manufactured vehicles including cars and other heavy vehicles in order to enable the electronic payment at all the toll plazas.

The move will shall ensure smooth functioning without jam at check posts, often in the toll booths the problem is not the number of vechicles but it is the delay caused due to the payment. Often takes much time to tender change to the public at this toll booths, surely this scheme will help benefit the common public, especially who are waiting in the line to withdraw money now.  One of the motives of the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to push India towards the cashless economy.

The government is moving towards electronic wallets to improve the transparency and weed out the black money.

It is best first to clean yourself, and then to clean from outside, said an electrician working n private shop, here in Bangalore.

The Ministry of Road has advised, to the vehicle manufacturers that in all new vehicles, the manufacturers must provide Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) facility," the Economic Affairs Secretary said on Wednesday.

Shaktikanta Das, further explained that the provision of Electronics Product Code Global Incorporated (EPCG)-compliant RFID facility in the new vehicles will ensure the payment of toll digitally and also help in avoiding the waiting time, thus, leading to seamless traffic movement at toll plazas.

"This will improve the functioning of toll plaza, digital payments," Shaktikanta said. The RFID tags will ensure that the vehicle is allowed to pass the toll tax booths with the help of electronic toll collection system. The toll amount will be deducted from the RFID card which could be recharged for future use.

"Government organisations, PSUs and other government authorities have been advised to use only digital payment methods such as internet banking, unified payment interface, cards, Aadhar-enabled payment systems to make payments to all stakeholders and their employees," Das mentioned.

"In other words, the option of digital payments to private parties will be mandatorily provided. It will be an option that will be provided and instead of issuing a check or a demand draft, you can make payment through online transactions," Shaktikanta Das said.

Surely his is going to decrease the traffic in the tollbooth

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