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Digvijaya Singh doubts foul play in Muslims break out of prison and not Hindus

India: Digvijaya Singh, The Congress leader on Tuesday reiterated the demand for a thorough investigation in connection with the encounter of 8 SIMI under-trials after jailbreak in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

He suspects there was a conspiracy behind the whole incident and wondered 'why only Muslims break out of prison and not Hindus.' Clearly digvijay singh wanted to play the community card.

“National Investigation Agency, NIA must conduct a probe and Court should monitor it. Also why only Muslims break out of jail, what is the problem, must also be probed,” the former Chief Minister said.

Earliar, The eight members of the banned terror outfit SIMI who had escaped from a high-security prison on Monday morning were killed in an encounter the same day. They had slit the throat of the deployed jail constable, Rama Shankar with steel plates to escape the high-security Bhopal Central Jail.

After the incident, Digvijaya took to Twitter to ask whether prisoners escaped or they were made to escape as part of a plan. He also mentioned that he had earlier asked the Madhya Pradesh government to ban Bajrang Dal and SIMI, but only the latter was banned.

Talking about the encounter, a senior Bhopal police officer Yogesh Choudhary said, "They were armed and there was crossfire." The criminals had managed to escape between midnight and 2 am on Sunday. All 8 criminals belonging to the SIMI outfit were on trial for terror incidents, sedition, and robbery and were put in the same cell.

It is notable that Bhopal Central Jail is among the most secure in the state and has the round-the-clock electronic surveillance system and still these criminals managed to break out. It is speculated that they were probably planning the escape from quite some time.