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Divide pakistan into 4 parts, Subramanian Swamy

New Delhi, Sep 25: Known for his open and relevant views, BJP’s leader and economist Subramanian Swamy on Saturday, who thinks war has begun unannounced against neighbouring country, said China trust should be won back as it is also pained by Pakistan.

China should be made our friends and its trust should be won back, as they are also pained by terrorist infiltration in Xinjian from Pak. China just wants India support when they need at crucial moment. Will India support China against US? is question that troubles them ", said Swamy on tackling Pak.

Talking about India objective against Pakistan, he said our objective should be division of Pakistan in four parts and if war like situation becomes inevitable than we can repeal Indus water treaty. Pakistan will die drowning, said Swamy in a debate show on ABP. Swamy, who takes interest in Military affairs, said Jaish-e-Mohammad base camp is situated at Mudirka, in Kashmir. Military should take note of it and destroy it.


On Kashmir and BJP alliance with Mufti: I told them they will never be trust worthy. I knew that Mehbooba and Mufti are hand in glove with local militants. The experiment between BJP-Mufti has failed," said Swamy.

He also defended his point that he speaks with a point and not blabber without a reason.

On LG Najeeb Jung: I still stand by what I said about Delhi LG Najeeb Jung," said Swamy. Ahmad Patel is his umpire between a fight between Jung and Kejriwal, he added when asked about Kejriwal and Jung tussle. Swamy claimed that he has Red Cross documents releted to LG. Earlier, he said LG Jung was unsuited for high post.

On Achche Din: Achche din has arrived in compare to Sonia Gandhi's UPA rule. I can't claim heavenly days have arrived though", said Swamy. Talking about one issue where BJP govt has failed, he said the party failed in bringing black money to India.

Subramanian Swamy is president of the Janata Dal, which merged with BJP in 2013. He is now member of BJP national executive board.