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Does Sheila Dikshit means don’t vote for congress in UP elections 2017?

UP elections 2017, Sheila Dikshit: Sometimes small statement can mean a lot for many and indeed it can also change the decisions. Analyzing the current statement by Sheila Dikshit, the Delhi former CM of New Delhi, when she says: “Akhilesh Yadav much better CM candidate than me, would be happy to step aside for him”, can mean a lot to many.

In a recent interview to NDTV on Wednesday she made the above statements. It was official made by the congress party that she is the official CM candidate from the party and now a certain change of her mind says a lot for the congress party and its future in the state.

First question: Looks like the congress has all lost the battle before the war has started itself in the state. This statement by her will surely make the voters think twice to whom to vote if they have two choices only. Between congress and Samajwadi party. They will only SP, in case of two party election. But here it is not the scenario there are other parties as well like BJP, BSP and other small regional parties.

Second question: Looks like the congress is never going to make at all any impact in the state and hence the Congress CM candidate has all changed her mind. In the wake of this certain change it looks like the congress party is never going to be in the good books of the State and is all trying to woo Samajwadi party CM candidate in the support of the Congress party in the LOK Sabha and against Modi

Third question: still it is not official that Congress is fighting the election with the Samajwadi Party all together. So the first question comes is that is she trying to be the uninvited guest in the party and officially want her party to declare Akhilesh as the CM candidate from Congress as well and make a tie up with SP.

Fourth question: The last and least comes to mind is that, is the Congress icon, is telling the voter that don’t waste your vote on the congress party as she is not a best CM candidate for the UP but to vote any other who is better than Congress, here Akhilesh Yadav.

Fifth Question: Is direct question on the Congress leadership, how can they appoint someone as a CM candidate of a big state, where the CM Candidate is so week that no one spares to attack. Some days back Rahul Showed a paper from Sahara diary where Sheila Dikshit name was also in the list. And now the CM candidate, want to promote other instead of herself as the CM candidate.