Electricity supplied in Ramzan, why not in Diwali: PM MOdi


Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: There are eyeballs being raised in the section of media after when Modi said If a Kabristan can be constructed, so should a Shamshaan: PM Modi.

A simple question is if a Muslim fight for Muslims rights, can’t a Hindu leader fight for Rights to live in the society.

PM Narendra Modi on Sunday lambasted the Akhilesh Yadav-led government by drawing a parallel between Hindu and Muslim festivals, accusing the local administration of discrimination on the basis of religion. The PM Said

  1. In a village, if a cemetery can be constructed, so should a cremation ground.
  2. If electricity is supplied during Ramzan, so electricity should also be supplied during Diwali as well.

There should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion and caste," Prime Minister Modi said, addressing a poll rally in Fatehpur.

Modi also said the 'exile of development' must end in Uttar Pradesh, while appealing the people to cast their vote for a government which ensures safety in the state.

He said the development life cycle has completely stopped and it should start now. The country is moving ahead at fast pace and so must Uttar Pradesh," he said.

"The Samajwadi Party is least concerned about improving law and order situation in the state. I urge people to elect a government that would ensure safety of people," he added.

Continuing his tirade against the ruling party, Prime Minister Modi said the party is inconsiderate towards the law and order situation.

"Why is the policing system so inefficient in UP? Why are complaints not registered? What work culture is it?" he added.

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