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Fine of 500 for Spitting Paan in Varanasi PM Plans for swach city

Varanasi –

ओ खाइके पान बनारस वाला
खुल जाए बंद अकल का ताला
फिर तो ऐसा करे धमालसीधी कर दे सबकी चाल
ओ छोरा गंगा किनारे वाला
खाइके पान बनारस...

This song was played in 1978 in movie Don by legend Kishor daa. At that time and even today, paan from Varanasi has some special charm, both for eaters and lookers. Eaters enjoy in chewing the paan with special ingredients into it and split it with great pride. Similarly the lookers hate them for making the place dirty. Sometimes it becomes a status symbol and show of power. The way paan eater talks gives him command over others. Particularly jarda paan eaters.

In 2014, when Modi won the Lok Sabha elections, we all knew that Varanasi is never going to be same. Times will certainly change for this holy city where Ganga flows. This city also harbours a lot of ghats which reminds to Shiva and Rama. It is still most attractive tourists destinations in India. Foreigners still believe that real India exists here. Before UP elections as well Modi and all other political party leaders came here to take blessings from their favourite God. So the time to give back something meaningful for the common people of Varanasi has come.

As reported in Hindustan Times, the Varanasi Municipal Corporation has made plans to put fine of 500 for spitting pan and Rs 1000 for littering in public spaces. People of Varanasi are still open to chew as many paans they want, but they have to be very careful while spitting it. Better spit it in washroom or carry some box to spit it. If this gets imposed seriously, then it is sure that city will see some good amount of cleanliness.

Not of fine for Littering and spitting, there are more penalties lines up for people who urinate along the road side and for defecating in the open. Happy days are coming for the people of Varanasi who love see their city shine in the blanket of cleanliness.