seeing the Vulgarity of the picture we have edited so that users are not disturbed
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FIR on AAP leader Mitesh Patel extreme vulgar tweets cartoon Modi

New Delhi, Mitesh Patel: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) filed multiple FIRs across the whole country against an Aam Aadmi Party member for tweeting an extremely obscene, vulgar picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Gurmehar Kaur row.

BJP filed multiple FIR against the Mitesh Patel for Vulgarity and other charges alleging he hurt the sentiments of BJP and public with the cartoon, the cartoons are extremely vulgar.

Mitesh Patel, The AAP leader tweeted multiple obscene picture on Thursday over the trolling of Gurmehar Kaur by other people in India. He included names of Virendra, Phoghat, kher, Barkha Dutt and Modi in the extremely disturbing picture over his tweeter account and started a social media campaign against ABVP and Modi. From media to law, everyone was shown depicted wearing the face of PM Modi and ABVP was shown raping Gurmehar Kaur. This is sure low in Jouranalism and politics.

The twitter account of the leader was suspended Immediately. Apart from BJP, some social users of facebook also filed FIRs against Mitesh Patel. The police have also imposed section 125 of Representation of People Act and 67 A of IT act.

The accused Mitesh Patel reacted to the FIRs and said, People across the Country! I would have liked if Narendra Modi had filed FIRs against those who threatened to rape Martyr's daughter Gurmehar Kaur. Anyways.."