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FM Digitalization of All India Radio

Digital India, All India Radio: PM Narendra Modi has initiated a lot of scheme to make Digital India. Under that process only, there are plans do digitalization of All India Radio.

With digitalization of Radio, there are plans to enhance the digital technology. While information broadcasting is being done, it would provide the listener with enhanced audio quality, better reliable service and many more additional features. The central government under the rule BJP has planned to make All India radio digital and it plans to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. It targets to complete this task by 2017. The technology being adopted by Central government is known as Digital Radio Mondiale(DRM). DRM technology is an open, all band, and global standard with a number of operating modes. It is designed for both AM and VHF broadcast bands.

Features of DRM

  • Improved audio quality
  • Stereo Capability
  • Single Frequency Operation
  • Transmitting maximum four services simultaneously in the same channel
  • Graceful degradation
  • Vehicular, Portable and Fixed Reception
  • Less susceptibility to fading effects
  • Improved reception reliability

Multimedia Applications

DRM TextMessages programme accompanying labels(Unicode)

  • EPG – Electronic Program Guide What’s up now & next; Search for programs and schedule recording
  • Journaline text based information service (Unicode), supporting all classes of receivers
  • MOT Slideshow programme accompanying images + animation
  • TPEG / TMC Traffic Information
  • Great commercial potential !

Digital Transmission
1. Digital Radio Transmission (DRM) of AIR in MW
2. Digital Radio Transmission (DRM) of AIR in SW
With the advent of Digital Transmission in Short-Wave band significant improvement in the reception and coverage of AIR programmes is expected. People can listen to near FM quality programmes of above services by tuning the respective frequencies on DRM Radio receivers only.

Source - http://allindiaradio.gov.in/