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FULL VIDEO-Text, Development of Uttarakhand Priority for BJP, Modi

Uttarakhand, Haridwar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a huge public meeting in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Modi expressed his gratitude to people for attending the rally in large numbers.

Modi said that Uttarakhand was the Dev Bhoomi and did not deserve a tainted and corrupt government. “The corruption of the Government in Uttarakhand is very well known and even then the leadership is not bothered”,  Modi added further.

Prime Minister Modi said that questions before the people of Uttarakhand were not merely about a poll or a candidate but about creating a state all were proud of. “When a child turns sixteen or seventeen, he or she enters a very crucial phase of his or her life. The coming years are also crucial. The same way, Uttarakhand, which was born in 2000, is entering a very critical phase and the coming five years will be crucial for the state.”

Modi recalled former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s contribution in formation of Uttarakhand. He opined, “Atal ji created Uttarakhand with great hope and promise. It was the Centre’s duty to look after the state. But the successive governments did not do so. They did not fulfill Atal ji’s dreams.”

 Modi also said that Centre wanted Uttarakhand to prosper and hence had allotted Rs. 12, 000 crores for connecting Char Dham with better roads. “Uttarakhand needs two engines, the state government under BJP and the Central government which will take the state to new heights”, the PM added.

Modi added that development of Uttarakhand was a priority for the BJP. He said that BJP was dedicated to open up new avenues for youth and ensure welfare of farmers.  Modi also highlighted how Centre acted promptly when there was an earthquake recently. “When the earthquake came a few days ago, the PMO was closely monitoring the situation. Teams were immediately dispatched to the state. When there was a tragedy in Kedarnath and other parts of Uttarakhand, a Congress leader was overseas. He was not even here”, he added further.

 Modi opined that Uttarakhand was the land of the courageous. “The Congress does not respect the valour of the armed forces. They were in power but did not solve the matter of OROP for forty long years. When we came to power, we made it a point, listened to the troubles of the ex-servicemen and implemented the OROP.”

“Our armed forces conducted surgical strike across the LoC. They displayed their might. But some people are not even accepting it. They are asking for proofs! Is this their respect for our armed forces?”  Modi questioned.

Several BJP karyakartas and leaders attended the event.