Gaurav Bhatia resignation from Samajwadi Party, Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh, Gaurav Bhatia: Samajwadi Party spokesperson and the National President Legal Wing Gaurav Bhatia, in a significant movement announced his resignation from Samajwadi Party on Sunday from all his posts in the party.

Gaurav Bhatia has been a well known face in the Samajwadi Party over several years and his debates can be well seen and was clear often on the News TV channels.

It major significant political development just days ahead of the Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh,

He said on twitter that “I have decided to resign from post of National President Legal Wing SP and all posts. Forwarding my resignation to Netaji, Akhilesh Yadav”.

As per the interview given by Bhatia, to CNN News18, he did not give any specific resignation of his resignation however he clarified that he would not be joining any other political party as of now. "My late father contributed a lot to the party and the government," Bhatia said. "Both Akhilesh Yadav and Netaji are important to me; I have sent my resignation to them."

One of the reasons behind this could be SP joined hands with the Congress party, their sworn enemy for many years, just to garner some minority votes. Apart from this there is no other significant development in the party.

Mulayam was irked over Samajwadi Party's alliance with Congress for Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections and had vented his anger over the tie-up by refusing to campaign.

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