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Gauri Lankesh death in Congress ruled state, BJP blamed, big politics over the death

New Delhi: It is really cowards act to just kill someone if he /she is not acting in youe line of work. The same has happened again in Karnataka where the journalist-activist what shot dead. As not even a day has passed by and the political blame game has already begun, it is less likey that the truth will ever come out side.

Ms Lankesh, 55,  who last year lost a defamation case against a BJP MP, also known for her Leftist views and anti-establishment writing, was shot dead at the doorstep of her Bengaluru home last evening.

However the bad thing is people even after the death have not stopped condemning and accusing the Gauri Lankesh.

If some death happens in BJP Ruled state it is BJP problem, if it happens in Karnataka Ruled state it is again BJP problem and if it happens in Kerala and west Bengal than it is no one’s problem and the media will even never highlisht even.

Rahul Gandhi Says that truth “The truth will never be silenced. Gauri Lankesh lives on in our hearts. My condolences &love to her family. The culprits have to be punished”.

Another person replied to Rahul on this