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India and Israel share a special bond with each other. The Israelis have always stood with Indians at times of crisis and war. They have been one country which has been vocal in supporting India on a global platform. Even during Kargil war, it was Israel which stood with India.

Since the time Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the Indo-Israel relation has reached new levels with Indian Prime Minister visiting Israel for the first time. The Israelis gave special welcome to PM Modi which became a historic event in the History of Indo-Israel relation.Both the countries took up many initiatives which would help the Indian agriculture, farmers sectors and IT sectors.

Now, India has taken the relationship a step further by agreeing to grant minority status to Jews in Gujarat. Yes, the Jews will now get minority status with all benefits in the country. This news was announced by CM of Gujarat Vijay Rupani during his visit to Israel.

The number of Jews in Gujarat is around 300 who belong to the Bene Israeli community and majority of them live in Ahmadabad.  In 2011 census, these people were recognized under ‘other communities’, but they were not included to get any benefits from the Indian government. But now, the Gujarat government has decided to grant them minority status which will ensure their security along with property rights and preservation of their heritage.

Their demand seeking minority status was long overdue after they faced many threats from Islamic organisation and terrorists groups. The Gujarat ATS in the year 2017 had arrested few terrorists in connection with ISIS who were planning to attack the jew community in Ahmadabad. So if was more so necessary for the Indian government to protect the Israelis in India who were facing severe threat. After the announcement to grant minority status was made, the Jews gathered in the Magen Abraham Synagogue area to celebrate.

This move is indeed a major step in the Indo-Israel relation which would further strengthen the ties of both countries.

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