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Heart of Asia summit LIVE, dedicate ourselves to making Afghanistan a Geography of Peace

Amritsar, Narendramodi: The 6th Heart of Asia Ministerial Conference is taking place in Amritsar on Sunday, Read Below for all the Highlights

Beginning together before the HeartofAsia Ministerial. PM Narendramodi and President ashrafghani hold an important bilateral meeting

PM begins address at HeartofAsia inauguration, thanks President Ashrafghani for accepting invitation and for gracing the conference

PM Narendramodi: It is also a great privilege for me to welcome all of you in Amritsar, a city blessed w/ simplicity, beauty & spirituality

PM Narendramodi: Amritsar nurtures an old and steadfast connection of warmth and affection with Afghanistan

PM narendramodi: Our gathering today re-affirms the commitment of the int'l community to durable peace & lasting stability in Afghanistan


PM Narendramodi: We must protect and build on the gains of the last fifteen years and march ahead.

PM identifies four key issues in supporting Afghanistan, beginning w/ an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned & Afghan-controlled process

PM: Third, our bilateral and regional commitments of material assistance for Afghanistan’s development needs must continue and increase.

PM on the record of India's partnership to projects: Our commitment to our brave Afghan brothers and sisters is absolute and unwavering

PM speaks of the numerous projects under the partner'p, from the Friendship Dam to Parliament building, capacity building, health and more

PM narendramodi: We also plan to connect Afghanistan with India through an air transport corridor

PM: I hope that your deliberat'ns will produce pathways of action that promote coop'n in place of conflict & security in place of terrorism

PM Narendramodi concludes: Let us re-dedicate ourselves to making Afghanistan a Geography of Peace HeartofAsia