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New delhi: If you remember the tweet of Virendra Sehwag, when he twitted on the case of Madhu, the Kerala young guy who was killed by group of people. Sehwag took names of only Muslim people involved in the heinous crime, without knowing there are other people also involved in the act.

Virendra Sehwag later apologized for his wrong tweet > Non acceptance of a fault is itself a 2nd fault. I apologise I missed out on more names involved in this crime bcoz of incomplete info & sincerely apologise 4 it but the tweet is not communal at all.Killers r divided by religion but united by a violent mentality. May there b peace”.

However there were people like Shekhar Gupta, who advised him and asked him not to communalize the events that occurred.

The curious case of Sehwag’s ‘communal’ tweet, an apology, and their disappearance: @vandana_menon reports.

However in yet another tweet from the same person Shekhar Gupta, the founder of ThePrint. New space in journalism: liberal on society, liberal on economy, is caught now communalizing yet another incident.

An 8-year-old raped, brutalised, killed in Jammu is Muslim. Arrested suspects ae Hindu. Enough for a terrible crime to be communalised. @AmritaNayak3 report in a few minutes

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