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I-T threatens AAP over exemption from income tax

New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal: The I-T Department issuing a show cause notice AAP Party asked, why not cancel your name from the tax exemptions list under the I-T Act.

The Income Tax department issued this notice to the Arvind kejriwal party for not answering the IT department, even after sending multiple times notice on this. 

What is the Problem?

Discrepancies in donor’s list, the list submitted by The Arvind, AAP party to the Election Commission and tax authorities varies from the one it had uploaded on its website.
As per the current rule any political party has to submit the names of the persons, who donate more than twenty thousand to a political party, but AAM Party did not do so, indeed it removed all the names from the website.

Before coming to power in Delhi, the Kejriwal had said to upload all the names of the donors on its website, it did so, but after coming to power it removed the name his June.

This year it was also questioned by AAP old timer, Yogendra Yadav, He had also pointed out that why AAP’s donor list was offline since June 2016. He tweeted “₹16 crore doesn’t look like an inadvertent error, it looks like much more than that”

People who have left AAP had already reported regarding this, lack of transparency in donations by Kejriwal, AAP Party.

Some people have alleged that you were the party has shown no transparency on donations. You also allege that he submitted to the Election Commission a duplicate copy of the ITR.

Anna Hazare has also quoted on this and had critized kejriwal and said that, the donors records have gone off the party website since June 2016.

“Initially, there was an inadvertent error in the list submitted to the income tax department, which has been rectified in the revised ITR after receiving the notice. He also added, Not even single donation is concealed by Aam Aadmi Party. We maintain 100 per cent transparency in donors’”, said Raghav Chadha.

Reason given by AAP on removal.

The party had removed the donors’ list from its website claiming that its donors were being harassed by tax officials.  As per the tweet from AAP superemo. Kejriwal tweeted the below

Notice issued by Ministry of Corporate affairs to AAP donor.