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In Modi’s ever changing strategy he asks BJP MPs to submit their bank account statements

New Delhi, Narendra Modi: No one knows what the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to do next, except NAMO. First it was the surgical strike on Pakistan, then came the demonetisation scheme and now on Tuesday he asked his BJP MPs and MLAs to submit their bank account statements of transaction between 8 November till 31st of December 2016.

Modi's direction at the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting came following allegations by opposition parties that the BJP had tipped off some of its own leaders ahead of the demonetisation announcement. PM Modi moved was well supported by many people and many are seeing it just as a political stunt.

The amendment is not for turning black money into white but to spend the money looted from the poor on their welfare," PM said.

A part of the tax collected on the money deposited under this scheme will be spent on electricity, roads, toilets and education among other welfare measures, said Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar.


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