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In today’s generation of politics is Arvind Kejriwal the new Hitler of India.

Arvind Kejriwal, the current chief minister, in just two years did what any one in political circles would have ever imagine of, He became the chief minister of New Delhi, the capital city of india. He used to be a common man, acting and doing what a common man does and being polite and humble just like a common man. That is the reason why all the media houses and many Indians started supporting him, especially with money.

Kejriwal was supported financially, to run into the elections and to incur all the Expenditure of being in politics. During this time he was supported by millions of people, many of them belonged to high society and respectable people in the society. They all put their money and strength behind Kejriwal just because they believed in some principles. They were used, manipulated and finally when the things were done just shown the outdoor of the of the party.

AAP was founded in 26th November 2012, by a group of people


Arvind Kejriwal


Arvind Kejriwal

There were many people who started their political journey with AAP, those included the likes of Gopal Rai, Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia, Prashant Bhushan, Sanjay Singh and Yogendra Yadav, shanti-bhushan, Captain Gopinath, Founder of Air Deccan; Mallika Sarabhai,  Meera Sanyal, CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland-India; Sameer Nair, former CEO of Star TV; V Balakrishnan, Infosys board member; and many more joined hands with AAP. Though most of them are now not with Kejriwals’s brainchild.

However over the time, as this people could survive with Kejriwal anymore.  Every child when he/she goes to school, in his class when the teacher comes, there attendance will be taken and there name will be called, if the student is present, he/she replies yes, which means you are in the class. No reply means that child is absent. But in Kejriwal class if you say NO you are permanently out of the class that means you are out of the AAM Aadmi Party.

As commented by Rahul Kanwal



As commented by our loved player Sidhu on Arvind Kejriwal


Sidhu when quizzed by media on AAP, his reply was Kejriwal wanted him not to participate in the election, but wanted to use him as a party mascot.

After Rahul Gandhi marked the beginning of his election campaign in UP by launching the loan waiver promise to the 'Kisans' of the state at his ‘khaat’ (loot?) sabhas, Kejriwal has now duly taken over the baton by employing a similar trick in Punjab, Kejriwal again selling negativism and gimmicks to the people of Punjab.