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In Up politics all political parties out to get Muslim votes

Most of the political parties are wooing Muslims, who constitute 20% of the electorate in the Uttar Pradesh. It is not that other caste groups are not being wooed.


As per Mayawati, the Samajwadi party is out of the race for the 2017 election , BJP is nervous and the Uttar Pradesh Muslims are breaking for the bahujan samaj party.

According to her the Muslim voters are shifting to the BSP after the bitter fighting between the families member of the SP. Muslims find her a credible alternative because as a chief minister she never interfered with the customs of the Muslims, mayawati said.

According to the BSP leader the recent rally by modi was a flop show and the BJP’s effort to play up the Indian army’s surgical strike in POK would not cut the Ice.

But as Muslims are a sizable chunk and spread across the state, there seems an effort to get their vote. Of course, there is a belief that the community votes 'en bloc'.


Most parties are in this race to get a grab. Posters, banners, advertisements indicate Congress, which is naturally flush with funds, doing the best.

It simply urges electorate to vote them and give them a chance to rule UP after almost 26 years. Its advertisements talk about corruption in central schemes, forcible land acquisition during the BSP rule and issues like poor implementation of Central schemes.

Congress has no dearth of advertisements. In its banners, Muzaffar Ali makes a passionate poetic appeal, asking the voters to bring back UP on track, by supporting Rahul Gandhi. One of the such Urdu couplets, which I read:

Samajwadi Party

Though the Samajwadi party is divided from inside, but it is trying its best to come in the front and hide the differences. The Samajwadi Party has turned hi-tech. Its campaign is quite sophisticated. Under Akhilesh Yadav, the party has done its best to shed the earlier image, and is now talking about progress to all sections of the society apart from rule of law and justice. Clearly, Mulayam Singh Yadav' son and his political heir wants to establish a rapport with the huge young population that is all set to vote in this election.

Bharatiya Janata Party

Even BJP is appealing for a chance. The banners ask voters to support it, for effective law-and-order, and transparency in governance. Though it has nothing much to expect from Muslims, it hasn't ignored them either. 'Hindutva' is not an issue anymore in UP. Party now talks about development.