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India may not win war with China but Indians can win, know how?

New Delhi: China has changed the attitude towards war with India, there are many reasons for this, three of these are the major reasons; first of all ... it would not want to fight India with his 1962 trophy claim, second ... fighting India It will not be of any special advantage and third ... China's competitive super powers will win China without fighting America, Russia etc.!

There is no chance that India-China war can be fought, but ... it does not mean that China-India's competition and opposition have ended ... China will never want India to be the power or being a superpower; This has led to a situation of temporary ceasefire!

So how can India win a war, by without actually fighting a War, it can be done by boycotting Chinese Goods.

Compared to India, the waist of China can be broken on the same front and it is ... boycott of Chinese goods! But ... many see it from a political perspective and often question the Central Government why does not it take such a decision?

It should be remembered that in the center there is no government, no government can take such a direct decision by exceeding the international policy-rules! But ... this decision can be taken by the public very easily. If the people of India boycott the Chinese commodities, then China can be very weak on the economic front. Looking at import-export items between India and China, India exports essential material like food, India imports items like toys, electronic items. If this imports are weak or stopped, then there is no special loss to India, while China's waist will be broken!

If the decision of boycott of Chinese goods is taken in time, then ... the war will be far away, even China's voice will not come out against India ... Deepawali is coming, now it is in our hands that we strengthen India or we want the strengthen the opponents of India?