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India - Mowgli Girl’ Found Living with Monkeys UP

Uttar Pradesh, India – Police officers from Bahraich ( within range of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary) in Uttar Pradesh had found a girl on 6th April who resembled like a normal girl, but behaved like an animal. As per news reported by Times of india, this girl was captured along with troops of monkeys and did not behave like normal human being.

The behavious of the girl can be compared to that of Mowgli ( the famous characted in Jungle book ). There has been several version of videos available about this mowgli girl on the internet.

The girl’s age is claimed to be 8 years and she was spotted by Sub-inspector Suresh Yadav. At the time when he tried to rescue the girl from the monkey troops, she was in her comfort zone with them. It can be assumed that the girl was living with monkeys earlier. They had to struggle a bit to capture the girl and she was sent to district hospital.

In hospital too, it was reported that she is still not comfortable. She didn’t understand any language being spoken. Her eating habits also looked very strange. Like she didn’t eat in plate or not even liked to drink water in glass. For nature’s call also she didn’t use toilet.

Look at the below videos and judge yourself about this Mowgli girl in India –