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India’s most powerful Prime Minister Narendra Modi 3 years in office

New Delhi: Three years back on May 26, 2014 the Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India and in this three years Modi has become from powerful to most powerful Prime Minister ever in India.

Analyzing the three years of Modi Government at the centre

Modi government have still 2 years to go but the question is about the government which came with the slogan of Acche din, what it has done in the last three years we are going to analyze all this.

Has the Modi government lived upto the expectation of the common man of India.

India is the 3 largest country in the term of economy and in terms of economic growth India is at the top. We have moved ahead of china as well.

Here is a quick look on Narendra Modi led NDA achievement at the centre

  1. India’s current GDP rate is 7.1 %
  2. Foreign companies are also investing a huge amount of money in India,
  3. India went into Pakistan to do surgical strike
  4. Took step of demonetisation to curb black money
  5. Took the step of banishing the VIP culture banning the usage of red light or beacon light on any vehicle other than the emergency vehicles
  6. Apart from this the BJP government is going to launch GST from 1st of July throughout India..
  7. 109 cities in India is going to have the best amenities and going to be future smart cities of India.

The question with the common man of India is how this all affects his /her life and where he /she stand’s amid all this government achievements. In the last three years many work has been done and there are still many work still needed to be done.

Lets us analyze what has India achieved in the last three years and what have really changed in the last three years.

Corruption is one of the most important problems in India, which has led the country in the back stage and created a negative impact of it around the world. India’s global corruption barometer in the year 2014 was 85, this has moved down to 79 in the years 2017.

In Global innovation Index in the year 2014 India’s ranking was 76. This has improved in the years and we have stepped up to the ranking of 43. This implies in India new inventions are happening more often now.

Doing business in India have improved drastically in India. 3 years back in the term Ease of doing business we were at the rank of 142 in the year 2014. This index has improved in the last three years to 130 in the year 2017.

Global happiness index country has as well improved. India’s rank in the global happiness index in the year 2014 was 117. The global happiness index improved to 122 in the year 2017.

In the Human development Index the numbering of India is still the same which we were three years back. In the year 2014, the ranking of India in Human development index was 131 and still in the year 2017 the ranking is 131. There is no development in this.

The values above displays that the NDA government have done a good work, but still a lot of work is needed for a developing country like India, to make its recognition across the world.

Till now the work which is done by a government is good, but it will still take some time for the results to come out.

The Foreign exchange reserves of India have increased by 3 lakh crore. In the year the Foreign exchange reserves for India was 21 Lakh Crore, which incresed to 24 Lakh crore in the year 2017.

The GDP of India in the year 2014 was 6.5%, which improved to 7.1% in the year 2017.

The stock exchange sensex was 25,376 in the year 2014, this improved to 31823 in the year 2017.

The fixed deposit has also increased in comparison to the year 2014. The FD in the year 2014 was 74,380 which improved to 93,293 in the year 2017. Earlier in 2014 the banks used to give around 9% interest rates, which have come down now to around 6-7%.

The value of rupee has decreased in comparison to the year 2014. Three years back the value of 1 dollar was equal to Rs 58.79. This has come increased to $1 to Rs 64.50.

Industrial sector growth has come down to 4.2 percent in the year 2017. In the 2014 the Industrial growth rate was 4.5%.  

The LPG connection in the year 2014 was 56%. However in the year 2017 the percent of LPG connection in household increased to 71%.

The electrification in the year 2014 was 15,452 villages; with the penetration of electricity now only 4983 villages are only left to have electric in their village.

In the year 2014 there the government has made around 50 Lakh toilets, however in the year the government increased this work and made around 2 crore toilet houses.

Failures of the Narendra Modi government in the last 3 years

  1. The situation in Jammu and Kasmir has deteriorated in the last three years. The issue of stone pelting which had stopped in the year 2010, restarted again. Though the BJP and PDP has formed a government in Jammu & Kasmir the situation have not much improved in the state.
  2. The naxalite attack has not decreased, though the death numbers have decreased. From the year 2010 to 2013, the total number of security personals who died was 610. From the year 2014 to 2017, 271 security personals lost their lives.
  3. China has been another setback for the government.
  4. The government had promised to give 2 crore employment the people, however it failed in this front. Last year only 2.13 Lakh people only got job. It is expected that the Make In India will help improve the jobs numbers in India.
  5. Modi government also failed to bring black money from abroad.
  6. Prices have come down on papers, but it cannot be seen on the actual market. For the common people the prices have not come down. The cost of basic amenities like Milk, dal etc and other things has increased in the last three years.