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India's surgical strikes, may not stop terrorism, but will surely reduce

Now the question is whats next, after the surgical strike. It is not the first of the kind in the world nor it is going to be the last one. Indeed in earlier India has carried out such attacks, but has never openly admitted. But the question is has any of the surgical strikes across the world has removed the terrorism, the answer is no.

Surely, the surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) and POK is a praiseworthy, but it is not the one of its type, there have been many cross the LoC  operations in the past,

The present government took it directly to the media, to say to Pakistan, we don’t do something like you keeping everyone in shadows, what we do we do and tell the world. If you have guts reply us back.

It is useful to know that, thousand of soldiars has already died because of Pakistan sponserd terrorism and it has been giving asylum to the famous and notorious criminals of the world, including dawood Ibrahim. More than 4,000 soldiers of the international coalition, including thousands of Americans, thousands of Afghan soldiers and civilians, having been killed as a result of Pakistan-backed terrorism in Afghanistan, and numerous leaders and cadres of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda successfully targeted by the US on Pakistani soil. Pakistan has never abandoned its support to terrorism directed against Kabul, even a decade and a half after America re-entered the Afghan conflict and doesn’t looks like it is going to leave the love for terrorism.

So what is the effect of the present surgical attack is it going to stop terrorism. Knowing from the earlier experience of Pakistan, it looks like it is just another day in their life, Pakistan sponsored terrorism is never going to change. India is again going to bleed by the Pakistan sponsored terrorisms.

India has tried its best to cajole Pakistan to share intelligence based reports, initiating talks, MFN status and several other initiatives, to make it do the same, but it has never done that. For decades it has been only sponsoring terrorism.

The West is suffering repeated harm at the hands of Islamist terrorism that is entirely linked up with Pakistan, in some way or the other. Pakistan is not a country that can be ‘shamed’ into anything; its leadership has demonstrated a complete lack of any sense of honor or adherence to principles of civilized behavior. Pakistan will change direction only under the influence of fear, or the complete erosion of its capacities to continue support to terrorism without risking its own survival.

So what can be the effect of the surgical strike?

As now we can see no one in the world, including china has not at all opposed to the strike, it is unlikely Pakistan is going to take any concrete steps after this. It is unlikely the Pakistan government is going to take any step and the army cannot be totally predicted.

Indians will be happy, since after a long time they heard something giving back to Pakistan, especially after the Uri attack where 19 of the Indian soldiers died.

Despite Pakistan’s visible footprint in an overwhelming proportion of terrorist attacks across the world, Islamabad continues to receive billions of dollars in US and Western aid even today. Pakistan’s capacity for deceit and manipulation has been extraordinary, and it will quickly be turned to India if any sustained regime of discriminatory sanctions or sustained non-military penalties is imposed.

As time passes post the surgical strike, Pakistan will try to mollify India by talking about partnerships to fight poverty and backwardness. Though terrorism would remain

Post Surgical strike and Uri Attack effect on India:

It looks like the present government has chosen a long term goal to isolate Pakistan globally to make it realize the punishment it has to pay for sponsoring the terrorism against India.