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India: I remember a time when I had a quarrel over drinking tea at a railway station assuming the tea was not good then. Many people drink tea at the railway station just from anyone serving a tea to them, without knowing anything about the tea, like how the tea was made etc.

A video was taken by a Railway passenger where it can be seen some Indian Railway staff filling water from the Railway toilet into their kettles. You can understand the hygiene maintained here and the quality of water used for preparing the tea or drinking water taken by the employees.

The video was posted by a twitter user Punit Tyagi where it shows some Railway staff clearly taking water from train toilet, which might be used for preparing tea.

Watch the video below 

Indian Railways tea. Is ther anyboday who can look jt into it

 Last month in April Piyush Goyal said the he wants Indian Railways to be world-class with Switzerland-like punctuality, he called upon railway men to work hard to make the public transporter a world class entity in terms of technology, service and safety. Looking at the video it is hard to believe anything like this is going to come true.

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