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Indian Railway to increase RAC number to make easy availability of seats.

New Delhi, Indian Railway:  In order to ease the problems of the passengers, travelling while not having confirmed train tickets. The Indian Railways today decided to increase the number of reservation against confirmation (RAC) tickets.

This will provide more space for passengers who do not have confirmed tickets. A senior official of the Ministry of Railways said on Monday that it will help train more passengers to travel. The increased RAC will be done from 17th January.  

How this is going to be done? 

At present side lower berth of passengers seating is provided for RAC and two passengers can sit on a berth.

Sleeper: At  present, in the railway sleeper coach there are 5 RAC berths, this number has been increased to 7, resulting in the increase of the total number of seats from 10 to 14 passengers. 

Third AC: In the third AC, till now there were only two RAC berth, this has been increased to 4, because of which instead of 4 passengers now 8 can sit.

Second AC: In the second AC coach, the number of RAC berths has been increased from 2 to 3, because of which now instead of 4 passengers, now 6 can sit in the second AC coach.

Though the government has done this, still there is no guarantee of seats. 

The month, the government has made some changes in the rules for train ticket discounts. According to the new rules of the Indian Railway, now the senior citizens do not need to show their AADHAAR cards to avail discount in getting train tickets.

This rule will become mandatory from April 1, 2017, under which senior Railway ticket will be directly linked to his Aadhaar car or Unique Identification card (UID) and hence while booking the ticket he don’t need to show the Aadhaar or UID.

Railway will very soon launch a notification on this. The Railway will launch this scheme in phased manner. In the first phase it will implement this for the elderly people, freedom fighters, and handicapped people only.

In the second phase, all services will be linked to the AADHAR card and Aadhaar card will be mandatory for all ticket reservation. In preparation for the UP elections, in the last two and a half year around 57 new trains have been introduced in Uttar Pradesh.