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Indira Gandhi interview, goes viral on social media, watch here

India, New Delhi, Sep 23: A well composed Former India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in an interview to BBC Journalist after India's victory over Pakistan had shared her views on the relation between two neighbouring countries and their future relation possibilities.

When asked how tense is the situation between the two countries, composed and serene Indira Gandhi, said "The situation is very serious as two armies are confronting each other. And off course shelling has been going on for quite some time even before I left."
"When there is sort of chaos, which they obviously have, they may take desperate action and feel that external enemy might unite some of the people," said Gandhi while answering on the possibility of Pakistan attack.
On the question of India's chances of attacking the neighbouring nation, "I hope not, India always try to be on the side of peace and negotiation. We can't endanger out security. We are trying every thing possible to prevent it, she said.
Why no agreement on withdrawing troops from frontiers despite Pak's President insistence, "Pakistan moved its troops forward for considerable times before we did. NoW, while they were there on our border, no body raised any question that this would endangers our peace, endangers our country. Now, when we felt compelled in the interest of our defence, the whole world seems to be woken up. Now, it seems very unrealistic situation to me," said the Iron lady of India. She also added that India has never attacked any body, but been attacked thrice. We can't shut our eyes to the situation towards neighbouring state. Pakistan as it existed will never be the same again, Indira added.
"As far as going back is concern, our positions are much further we don't have second line that could serve . I would not be doing my duty If i allow that to happen."
"Our trooped are there because we were threatened by military regime of Pakistan. There has been situation of indirect aggression," Gandhi said.
On refugees still coming over to the country, "India can't sustain it any longer, with poised smile on her face. I am absolutely determined all the refusees of all the religions must go back, we can't absorb them in our population," said resolute Gandhi.

What BJP can learn from ex-PM of India
The calm and composed answer by Indira Gandhi during BBC's interview, where she dismantled each and every question posed by the correspondent, is reflection of maturity that is currently lacking in incumbent government led by PM Narendra Modi.
One time, though it seemed that, when PM Modi raised the Balochistan issue in his independence day speech on August 15, 2016, he was treading a path first walked by Indira Gandhi. But soon after, the leadership seemed to be derailed from its path on many counts especially regarding possible talks between the both nations. Home Minister Rajnath Singh recent visit to Pakistan, from where he returned back mid-way was allowed to die down. Many such instances, in past, went without provoking a step towards a concrete result.
For example, after the 2008 Mumbai attacks by Lashkar-e-Taiba that took 166 people lives in Mumbai, India merely garnered international condemnation against Pakistan but didn't act swiftly to send strong message across. Similarly, a Jaish-e-Mohammad attack on Parliament in 2001, India mobilized tens of thousands of troops along the border. But it backed down owing to its poor and deplorable diplomatic policy. All these only showed India in poor light and an invitation to more such attacks.
As it was recently witnessed in Uri attack on Sep 18, in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed.
Indira usurped power and remained for quite long time, because she had clarity that came through her words. She was authoritarian in her stance, whenever the situation demanded her to be so. Narendra Modi will have to remember this and change these basic traits, if he ever wants to be remembered as PM with substance or for that matter a stand.
When PM Modi came to power, he and his senior party colleagues promised that with the BJP in charge Pakistan wouldn’t dare dispatch terrorists to attack Indians. And if it did, it would face swift and certain retaliation. Two and half years have gone by, and that was rarely seen in their governance.
Comparing Modi against Indira makes one thing apparent clear if the PM follows his predecessors and picks some good diplomatic policy and stand over some form of military retaliation, will surely improve image that brought him in power in first place.