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Is rahul Gandhi trying too hard to woo the farmers

Since Rahul Gandhi joined politics in 2004, his biggest ambition has been to revive the party's fortunes in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous and politically important state.

The Congress party's rainbow coalition used to contain the extremes of Brahmins, Dalits and Muslims, leaving out the peasant OBCs. The OBCs have never been Congress voters. The OBC communities, the socialist parties and politicians who have represented, and their anti-Congressism, are well-entrenched in the state's history.

Rahul unsuccessfully tried to woo the MBCs (most backward classes) in the 2012 assembly election. In this election, the Congress's stated strategy has been to woo Brahmins, Thakurs and Muslims, who together form 35% of the vote-share.

Another point in campaigning in the UP election while targeting the RSS-BJP, Kisan trast, Modi ji mast. Addressing a large audience at the khaat sabha in Jalaun, where the crowds cheered him continuously, Rahul also charged PM Modi will poor attendance in the Lok Sabha.

When Mansoor Ali, a farmer requested, to intervene and to get farmers better returns for their produce, Rahul said, "Since Modi ji rarely comes to the Lok Sabha, I asked finance minister Jaitley ji about what happened to the government's promise of 50% profits over minimum support prices. He gave a long-winded response, but couldn't say why the government had not delivered."

One Mulayam, Gandhi also repeated his jibe at the ongoing internal warring within the Samajwadi Party family. He said, "Mulayam ji ne Akhilesh ko beizzat kiya." (Mulayam Singh Yadav has insulted chief minister Akhilesh Yadav) Referring to Akhilesh's efforts to pedal forward on the Smaajwadi Party cycle, Rahul said various members of the family had taken control and disallowed the UP CM from moving forward. And, when he did take a decisive step, Mulayam stepped in to maintain the status quo.

On Sunday, Rahul also made his poll pitch to the people of UP. Peddling Delhi as the model of development Rahul emphasized that a Congress government stood for "all people", especially the poor and the needy who needed state assistance the most. "You have tried the others. Choose Congress, now. In 5 years we can transform the state. The Uttar Pradesh of your dreams can be real," he said.

Farmers are mostly OBCs. Why is Rahul Gandhi spending a month wooing them when he doesn't expect OBC votes to prop up the Congress?

Now the question is that most of the Farmers are mostly OBCs then Why is Rahul spending a month wooing them when he doesn't expect OBC votes to prop up the Congress?