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India, New Delhi: You don’t need a better campaigner, when the person from opposite political party is doing all the mistakes himself. While all are busy in discussing the video of Rahul and Professor PK Basu, the author of ‘Asia Reborn’. Looks like there was some more of a Knowledge transfer from Rahul Gandhi, where he states that  Healthcare in 21st century is about data.

Rahul says, Health care in 21st century is basically data. You got to move from the world of Doctors, to world of data. It’s the Pilot, You had pilots earlier but now you don’t have pilots, they call themselves pilots but they are basically system managers. The plane is flying itself. They are sitting there because people need to feel comfortable that know that there is a pilot.  The entire system is managed through GPS and through other communication. That’s where the world of doctors is going.

Earlier Congress has tweeted “With political discourse hitting new lows everyday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi shows how to gracefully handle detractors and call their bluff.” This tweet went wrong when Basu contradicted Rahul Gandhi on this.

Classic example fake video Rahul Gandhi, Congress Party Singapore

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