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Uttar Pradesh: Law and order is such a sensitive issue that it has the capacity to create and destroy any government image within a short span of time. This thing should be understood by Yogi Adityanath's government as soon as possible, because his party, BJP had made a big promises of law and order against the Akhilesh government during the campaigning of 2017 election polls in the state.

Akhilesh was surrounded for law and order

The BJP leaders used to attack Akhilesh government in each and every of their speeches about the bad law and order situation in UP. All of the BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi had termed the police stations of the state as the office of the Samajwadi Party.

The people of the state were so troubled for the poor condition of the law and order that they listened to the BJP leaders carefully. From the attacks on law and order, then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had gone so disturbed that he used to say in his speeches that if something gets stolen from a person’s house, the media directly demands a reply from the chief minister.

Yogi Sarkar's Honeymoon Period Over

It seems that the Yogi Government's honeymoon period is now over. It has been more than two months since the new government came into the state. However the condition of law and order in the state is deteriorating rather than improving. Now, the BJP's election promises and reality show the difference in saying and doing.

Since the formation of the BJP government in the state, there have been frequent criminal offenses. But Saharanpur awful event has presented a real picture to the Yogi Government. Saharanpur is burning since last three weeks. The government suspended and transferred several senior officials, but the situation has not been controlled till date.

The Yogi Government was struggling with the violence of Saharanpur that the miscreants looted the family on Wednesday night in Greater Noida's Javor area. The head of the house was murdered on protesting. There was another news that four women from this family going by car were gangraped too. However, the rape could not be confirmed later.

This two event have led the opposing some thought to critized the Yogi government.

Increase in crime rather than decreasing

Soon after Yogi Adityanath  became the Chief Minister, there was news for the death of BSP leader in Allahabad. Four people were murdered in Chitrakoot within a month. In the beginning of the month of May, two day old sisters in Lucknow were murdered in their house.

 A few days ago a leader from Samajwadi Party was shot in Ballia. The killing of the two sarafa traders in Mathura and the incident of looting also raised questions about the administrative capacity of the present Yogi government. The situation of the government is definitely going to be tense in this situation. UP Government has transferred more than 200 Administrative Officers in the last two months to correct the law and order. But the situation still remains’s the same. 

Hindutva brigade is also increasing the Problem

For the Yogi Adityanath, Hindu organizations are also making difficulties. Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists had fiercely attacked a police station in Agra and slapped a police officer in order to rescue an accused when BJP formed the government in the state.

Last month, under the leadership of BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal in Saharanpur, activists of Hindu organizations attacked the SSP's house and broke their name plate.

The Yogi Government should not forget that during the Akhilesh Yadav's government, the workers of Samajwadi Party used to openly felicitate, which they had to bear in heavy election. In order to overcome such incidents, Yogi Adityanath must also introduce the political will with the strictness of the police.  

Media will not take the time to change The Media used to laud agaisnt Yogi Adityanath and other leaders of their fiery image before the election. But as Yogi became the Chief Minister of UP, the attitude of the media changed towards Yogi Adityanath and he was particularly became more famous on TV channels. This channels even compared him to the like’s of Prime Minister Modi, started broadcasting live Yogi Adityanath's speeches. Because of this soft attitude of media, the support among the common public grew even more like before and he has now been compared and assumed to be the next PM of India after Modi retires from the job at the age of 75.

Giving only brave statement will not work you has to act as well

Now the time has come that Yogi Adityanath prove that changing the government is changing the look and feel of the state as well. He should also remember the statement of his party president Amit Shah that the goondas and the miscreants would be straightened by hanging upside down as the BJP government was formed in the state.

Giving a brave statement cannot be taken for a long time in a politically sensitive state like Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath will have to turn the promises of BJP into reality soon. He has to act before the tide turns against him.

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