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Its massive expose by Kapil Mishra and Kejriwal must resign, says BJP

New Delhi: Kapil Mishra is on fast and tired but still his fight against kejriwal is not stopping. Kapil Mishra on Sunday had a massive allegation on Arvind Kejriwal; He accused him of hiding hawala funding and misleading the Election Commission of India and Income Tax Department.  The BJP and Congress have now targeted Kejriwal and have asked his resignation.

Mennakshi Lekki from BJP said that AAP party Bundle of sins is opening one by one.

Ajay Maken from Congress have said @ajaymaken It's a very serious matter. There should be an inquiry about this. There are lot of illegal funding going on in AAP: @ajaymaken

Kapil Mishra today in a press conference alleged that the AAP has more than Rs 45 Crore in its bank account in the financial year of 2013-2014, but the Arvind Kejriwal AAP party has shown only Rs 9 crore in the declaration.

Kapil said the AAP party accumulated the money through shell companies and the party was converting the black money into white through hawala transactions.

Kapil directly asked for resignation from Kejriwal as people close to the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal are alleged to be involved in those shell companies and Arvind always knew that.

“Yeh ab spasht hai ki Kejriwal bhrasht hai  either he should resign else I will pull him by his collar to Tihar jail,” Kapil Mishra said.

He fainted before he could share the document to prove his allegation. Kapil Mishra was taken to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital. Doctors said later he was fine and conscious.