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Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has cancel’s Eid Milan, Children’s are asked not react

New Delhi: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, the social-religious organization of Muslims, has canceled the Eid Milan program organized on this EID, reasoning the current communal atmosphere in the country. The program was scheduled for June 30. Talking to the Indian Express, Mahmood Madani from the institute said, "Things have now become such that we have to explain to our children that if somebody gives some comment in the bus or any other public transport, do not reply and do not answer it accept it. People are behaving badly with the Muslims; more than that, I am worried that our efforts to keep young people away from fundamentalism have been a big setback.

On canceling the program organized on Eid, Madani said, "We had to take this decision with great difficulty while respecting the wishes of the people of the country. People are unhappy with the events of recent mobs linching. We want to show that the law and order is paralyzed and the government is unable to protect the minorities and the oppressed. "

According to Mahmood Madani, there is no point in doing such programs in the current situation. Madani said, "Communal harmony is declining, such events do not have much meaning." In the whole country, many people have been beaten and killed by the crowd for allegedly eating beef and cow smuggling. The case of Mohammed Akhlak, who was killed on charges of smuggling cow in Rajasthan and eating beef in Uttar Pradesh, was a matter of national discussion at the national level.

A delegation of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind recently met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This group raised the issue of violence by alleged assailants in front of PM Modi and the sense of insecurity created by Muslims in it. On canceling the Eid Milan program, Mahmood Madani said, "We hope that the government will understand our emotions and understand the feelings of the depressed and exploited sections of the society and will create an atmosphere of peace and calm in the country."