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Jayalalithaa's Post death: 77 persons died of shock, claims AIADMK

Tamil Nadu, Chennai: As per the AIADMK Official twitter account on Wednesday it claimed that at least 77 persons died due to shock after hearing about the demise of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

To keep with this and sympathise with the people the party had announced a Rs. 300,000 to their families.

A total of 77 persons died after hearing about Jayalalithaa`s illness and later on hearing about her death, the AIADMK posted on the twitter accounnt.

There is no official statement from the Ruling party as from where it got this report of 77 Person died

According to the statement a sum of Rs 50,000 will be paid to a party cadre who attempted self-immolation on hearing about Jayalalithaa`s ill health and to another person who sacrificed a finger after heard about her death.

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