Jio Sim will be free till 31st March 2017
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Jio sim will be deactivated after 18th jan – Fake news

New Delhi, Jio SIM – In last week these message has been viral on social media that if you do not upgrade your JIO sim Internet and call services by 18th of January 2017, then you jio sim will be deactivated. This kind of message has made people to worry about their JIO sim usage. This message is viral on whatsapp and social media platform. The message says that :

“Kindly upgrade your Jio internet and call services before 18th January 2017. Otherwise you will not able to use Jio Internet and calling services And your Jio Sim might be deactivated. So upgrade right now and You can surf upto Unlimited Internet with High Speed till 31st march 2017”.

In Hindi – “अपने जियो इंटरनेट और कॉल सर्विस को 18 जनवरी से पहले अपग्रेड कर लें. ऐसा न करने पर आपके जियो नंबर पर मिल रही इंटरनेट और कॉल सर्विसेज को बंद कर दिया जाएगा. आपका जियो सिम डिएक्टिवेट भी हो सकता है. इसे अभी अपग्रेड करें और आप 31 मार्च 2017 तक तेज स्पीड में अनलिमिटेड इंटरनेट का इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं. जियो टीम”.

Alongwith the message they are also sending the link to upgrade.

As per our analysis this is a hoax and viral message.

  1. We called Jio helpdesk and asked about this query – They clearly informed us that there is no relevance of such claims being made.
  2. If you follow the instruction said by clicking - http://Upgrade-Jio4G.ml – it is not secured link. i.e. It has http – not secured protocol.
  3. The domain name is not of Jio communications. For example if you visit Jio site - https://www.jio.com/ then you will notice that it has https along with domain name jio.com

So, if jio wants you to upgrade your sim then they will do it on their official site and not a third party and also not without any secured protocol

Don’t believe on any message blindly. There are very simple techniques to understand the relevance of a link. If you want to read further on understanding a fake link then read my article.

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