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India, Karnataka: Indian flag is loved by each and every Indian and we love the size even bigger the better. Each color of the flag represents different meanings.

Indian Flag color and chakra: The saffron stands for sacrifice and renunciation, The white stands for peace, The green stands for courage and immortality.

The Ashok Chakra is a depiction of Dharma Chakra. It has 24 spokes radiating from the center. It represents righteousness, justice and forwardness.

India Today witnessed, the tallest Indian national flags was hoisted in Belgaum district by District in-charge and Cooperative Minister Jarkiholi of Karnataka.

The size of the flag is 120X80 ft, Belagavi North MLA Feroz Sait said, adding that it weighs 500kg. The national flag was tied to a 110m (365 feet) high pole from the base plate to the top. The thickness of the rope is 8mm.

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