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Katju won't appear in court, Soumya murder case

India, New Delhi, October 18:After the Supreme Court of India challenged the former SC judge Markandey Katju and directed him to appear in court for arguments in the infamous Soumya murder case, the former Chairman of Press Club of India denied following it.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday evening, Katju mentioned that he has not yet received the notice in Soumya case from Supreme Court but has been informally informed about it by the advocate on record of the Kerala government.

Katju further added that he will post the detailed response on Facebook after preparing it.

"I am mentioning therein that I would be delighted to appear and discuss the matter in open court, but would only like the judges to consider whether, being a former Supreme Court judge I am debarred from appearing by Article 124(7) of the Constitution. If the judges hold that it does not debar me, I would be happy to appear and place my views," he wrote on Facebook.

Justice Katju is of the opinion that Supreme Court has made a mistake in not holding Govindachamy guilty of the murder. He had expressed the views on his blog and SC took suo moto judicial note of the same.

He had called the court judgement in the case gross and pointed out that the evidence for acquitting Govindachamy of murder was "inadmissible." The court bench wanted to have an open debate on the issue with former SC judge to understand why he though that the judgement was flawed.

Thereafter, the apex court bench comprising of Justices Ranjan Gogoi, Prafulla Pant and UU Lalit on Monday asked Katju to appear for Soumya case to advance the arguments and enlighten them where it went wrong.

On Monday evening, Katju had told mediapersons that he will not appear in the court in Soumya case as 'there is a specific prohibition under Article 124 (7) of the Constitution against former judges doing so.' In order to present his views, he has to submit the pleadings.

The Supreme Court will take up the review petitions filed by Kerala government and Soumya's mother in the case on November 11 during the next hearing.