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KeepGoing Brand Film HRX Hrithik Roshan Video review Dont Stop

HRX Brand video by Hrithik Roshan –

The above video was shared on youtube on 13th April 2017 and has got almost 16 lakh views till now. The tag line says –

The difference between success and failure? It's the will to #KeepGoing. When you fall, rise and keep going. When you lose focus, concentrate and keep going. When you lose your way, find a new direction and keep going. Challenge fate. Don't stop and #KeepGoing with HRX. Watch the full video now.

Video Review – The video starts with 4 persons struggling with what they like the most. One fat guy struggling to run. 2nd is a beautiful girl, who wants to do the most complex positions of yoga. 3rd is young and dynamic dude, who is struggling to lift weight to build his muscles. And the 4th person is our Greek god – Hrithik Roshan who is struggling to get his steps in dance.

After some moments you can see Hrithik talking to himself and doing some self motivation. He says that we are human being and not machines. We can fail so we should keep trying and keep going. And the roles of all the four characters start to get what they are dreaming for.

It is a short video but trust me, it motivates a lot. It teaches us how to fight with our most feared thoughts in life. Never give up and always keep trying.

Personally speaking, I am highly motivated with the way Hrithik has shaped his life. As a kid, he used to be a stammer in his childhood. He was also suffering from scoliosis disease (curved spinal. Doctors had advised him not to take acting as a profession as it would have put him on wheelchair for entire life. But Hrithik never gave up and kept going. He can be termed as one of the best stars of Bollywood in terms of his acting and dancing.  

About HRX brand – This brand was launched exclusively online on shopping portal Myntra.com in Nov 2013. When it was launched it had collection of active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand HRX.

About HRX product – I have never used HRX products, so cannot comment anything about it. If the readers are aware with then please provide comments.

PunchLine – Keep going and dont stop. At the end Hrithik also says that “ The best takes, Take Time”.