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Kerala Priest arrested on unnatural sex with a 10 years old boy

Kerala, Basil Kuriyakose: The Kerala Police known for its good actions, today arrested a 65 years old Priest, Basil Kuriyakose. He is being alleged of abuse with 10 years old of having unnatural sex.

About the child abuse case: The boy belonged to Kochi;s Kunnathund area.  Father Basil Kuriyakose is the Principle of King David International School, where the boy studied. He incident took place in the hostel of this school

The class 5, boy complained this incident to his elder brother who came to meet him, which subsequently led to his parents involvement and latter arrest of the Priest. He is booked under Section 377 of the Indian Panel Code (IPC). This Panel IPC, states sexual intercourse against the order of nature

FYI: In India the national helpline for reporting child abuse in India is 1098.