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India: An incident of a minor girl kidnapped has come to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Saimara village in the Khandauli area near Agra yesterday. Angry protestors of the Saimara village burned and broke the shops and houses of the other community and burnt them after.

As per the report, the 15-year-old minor girl was kidnapped by a young man named Abid and his two friends Danish and Kaish.

Md. Danish, Adil, Kaish abducted minor Hindu girl in Agra, the public went on the rampage when police didn't take any action. Such continuous incidents of Peaceful across Bharat are main reason of Communal Tension, Riots & every Kafir Woman is on target of them.

As per patrika, the incident had lead to clash from both the community members. The Muslim community members have also broken many of the Hindu houses in the area.  Police who has come in reinforcement, stood helpless and waited for extra forces to arrive. The situation is under control as of now.

As per amarujala girl was recovered and the accused who is a student of class 11 in a nearby college, has been caught. He tried to show himself as a minor.

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