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Latest PM Modi’s Cash Review Meeting With Ministers

New Delhi, Narendra Modi: The Indian Prime Minister today reviewed the post-currency ban cash shortage situation with his cabinet ministers.  The Prime Minister had promised that the cash crunch would normalize within 50 days. Though it is hard to achieve, but no impossible, life will be somewhat normal in India after 50 days.

Highlights of the Cash Review Meeting and other related updates

  1. The meet took stock of the amount of cash available in banks and ATMs
  2. The other measures taken to ease the difficulties of the people, sources said.
  3. The review was taken by the PM as the opposition parties over PM Modi's ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes that have all but washed out the winter session of parliament.
  4. The opposition has demanded that PM Modi must be present through the debate on currency ban and explain the government's decision. The BJP contends that the Prime Minister is ready to speak but the opposition has not allowed him to do so by continuously disrupting parliament.
  5. With the session coming to an end on Friday, the Congress has announced its decision to take the "fight" against currency ban to the people, with rallies in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh which will be addressed by its vice president Rahul Gandhi.  

The congress and other parties has alleged that the NDA government has "blocked" the money of the poor through currency ban to favour a "handful of industrialists".

Rahul Gandhi claimed that he has explosive information on "personal corruption" of the Prime Minister that would "explode his balloon" but was not allowed to speak in parliament.

Rahul Gandhi even became Poetic: Poetic Rahul Gandhi says Read my lip