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Mamata Banerjee says on beef ban, will challenge it in the court

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has questioned the central government's decision amid protests against the ban on the sale of cattle in cattle fairs for slaughter in South India including Kerala. Mamta said that the month of Ramzan is going on and the central government is making unanimous decisions on what people should eat and what not. What will be sold and what will not be sold.

The CM said her state of West Bengal won’t abide by the government notification and will challenge it in the court. She said the decision of the BJP led NDA government was to destroy the federal structure and to suppress the powers of the states.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal said, "I am a vegetarian and believe that trees also have life. Then we should not cut trees too. At the same time, we respect cow mother too. '

The central government's slaughter ban is unconstitutional. The central government should not interfere in state affairs.

At the same time, she also targeted the Central Government on the issue of red beacon and said that the state government will decide who should be given the red light and who does not. He said that we have objected to the Center's decision. Mamata Banerjee did not mention the case of Imam Barkati of Kolkata.

It has to be known that the Central Government has banned the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets. Protests against this decision are being strongly done in the states of South India, in states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  

The current prohibition by the centre is part of the 'Regulation of Livestock Markets Rules', 2017, issued by the environment ministry on Thursday.