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Mann ki Baat: When will the nation say that Modi is the god of politics?

Mann ki Baat, Narendra Modi: Today’s Mann ki baat was a special and if I can say it was the best of the year speeches that Modi gave, however this is only my view.  

Also It was one of the best day of the year, because it is also the Christmas day and all the people in India celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Today’s Maan ki baat, was the last Maan Ki Baat  of the year 2016. The PM started with congratulating each and every people by Wishing Merry Christmas to all and reminding every one that what does it also means by this day. He says it’s a day to rekindle the spirit of service, sacrifice & compassion. Jesus said “More than our service, poor need our acceptance”, According to the Gospel of St. Luke, Jesus not only served the poor but praised the service by the poor. Modi says this is the real empowerment of poor people.

Modi further gave example of Jesus; He says Jesus was once standing before a temple treasurer and many people came there and gave lots of donation. After that a poor widow came, she donated two copper coins. If you see in one way two copper coins doesn’t values any thing. The people who were standing there started to get excited and started discussion. Jesus said, the poor widow has done the greatest donation, because others gave a lot of things, but this widow has given all of her things.

He also wished the Bharat Ratna, Atal Bihari Vajpayee on this birthday today.

On Sports, Modi said “Our sportsmen and sportswomen have made us proud. After 15 years, our Junior Hockey has won the world cup, I congratulate all the young players. Even women athletes did us proud last month. The women's team won the Asian Champions Trophy and also won a bronze medal in the Under-18 Asia Cup. I congratulate the women's cricket and hockey teams. He lauded the Indian cricket team's performance in the India vs England test series. He appreciated Captain Virat Kohli's performance and leadership in the series and also congratulated Karun Nair for his triple century and KL Rahul for his performance.”

On Parliament Modi took a positive thing, he said “Amid uproar in Parliament, a good thing happened. As part of my government's mission for divyang persons, Rights of Disabled Persons bill was passed. I thank Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha for passing the Bill. There was an all round fury around what happened during Parliament session. The President and the Vice-President also expressed concerns,”

Modi said “It is our priority to do whatever it takes for the betterment of our nation. People are spreading rumours that political parties are exempted. This is not true. Black money hoarders are being nabbed across the country. Secret is that information by common people enables us to do it. I assure you that this is not the end, this is just the beginning in our fight against corruption. Lot of questions are being raised on frequent change of rules but I want to say that I have decided to take those indulging in corruption. Since the Centre is behind them, they are also trying to obstruct the government's endeavour to fight corruption. If Parliament would have functioned there would have been fruitful discussions. The law is equal for all, be it any individual or any political party”.

Thanking People of India Modi said “I thank people as they not only went through hardships but also answered back those who tried to mislead the public. I congratulate people for not only enduring pain but also for giving appropriate answers to those who were trying to misled them”

On Digital Payment Modi Said, “Modi announces lucky draw for those making digital payments, bumper draw will be on 14th April, the prizes will be worth of crores. Modi also said that 30 crore RuPay cards in the country are owned by the poor who have Jan Dhan accounts. I congratulate Assam Govt in particular for taking initiatives to promote cashless economy. I appreciate Assam Government for their efforts to turn towards digital payments and transactions”

May 2017 be a fulfilling Year for everyone. I wish all citizens a very Happy New Year, Modi Concluded.

"Modi is present everywhere and every corner of the country and abroad.  He is the fodder for all the media house and social news, what a great PM, The words and actions are all coming up all together. Really he is the God of the Politics and India", said Amit, an employee at a software firm.