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Marriot has overthrows Taj from number one position in hospitality sector

India, Mumbai: Marriot has overthrown Taj from number one position in hospitality sector. For many decades Taj had held top position in India.

Marriot gained top slot after acquisition of Starwood.

Marriot is Maryland-based lodging company. The first resort by Marriot in India was in December 1999 in Goa. With current acquisition it has not 18000 rooms, while Taj has only 14000.

As per my personal experience, I have stayed in Marriot in India (Marriott Jaipur) and overseas (Residence Inn, Coventry). It never feels like a hotel stay. All the staff members are too polite and understand the need of customer as a when required.

Rajeev Menon, head of Marriott’s Asia-Pacific informed regarding the latest acquisition by saying that, "The Starwood purchase has more than doubled our India footprint," Prior to the acquisition, Marriott had 8,000 rooms in the country. He also informed that "We will come out with a new organizational structure in some weeks and there will be no layoffs, something that usually follows mergers and acquisitions. Since the company is in an expansion mode with 100 hotels in the pipeline, it needs people and will not let go of employees, highlighting that its expansion tracks India's growth story”.

Marriott is a leader in terms of room capacity, but it is still behind Taj in terms of number of hotels. The first property of Taj was in Mumbai in 1903 and currently has 108 hotels in India as compared to 79 of Marriott.

Global market is seeing India as a place of investment and whoever serves well earns more money and appreciation.

Taj is also one of best hotels in India in terms of hospitality. Regarding its first hotel: It was opened by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in Bombay on 16th December 1903. There are several stories surrounding it. Some say that it was opened due Tata was racially discriminated at the Watson’s hotel in Bombay, where he was denied entry. So he decided to open his own hotel.

Regarding Marriott, the first hotel was opened in 1950s as a Quality inn in Washington DC.

With the passage of time Marriott has travelled a lot more ahead. We hope Tata’s don’t react it as if they have loosed something. Instead they should continue their good hospitality as always. In the end Quality matters more and not Quantity.