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Modi Government in backfoot may remove buffalo from the banned list

New Delhi. After the ban on the purchase and sale of animals for slaughter in animal markets inside the country, the central government seems to Blackfoot and soften its stance. The news is coming out that the central government is contemplating to change the definition of cattle word in the law to calm the issue.

Looking at the opposition of some other states including Kerala and West Bengal, the Modi government can reconsider the order of prohibition imposed on procurement of animals from this animal fairs. Hopefully the Modi government can give some relief in this.

According to the news agency IANS, on Monday, an official said that the government is likely to exclude buyers from the 'No slaughter list'. Environment Ministry Secretary AN Jha said that representations have been received in new animal slaughter rules.

We are working on them. The animals that have been included in the government's No Slaughter List include cow, bull, buffalo, buzzer-calf and camel. After the new orders of the government, they cannot be bought or sold in animal mails for slaughter. States like Kerala, West Bengal are more opposed to this ban of the government.

Ministry of Environment and Forests has banned the purchase and sale of cattle in cattle markets for slaughter on May 26, 2017. The Ministry of Environment has notified strict 'Animal Cruelty Prevention (Livestock Regulation) Rules, 2017' under the Animal Prevention of Animals Act.

The rules made by the central government are to be implemented in the next three months. The Modi government's law has been opposed in Kerala. The Kerala government has refused to obey this rule. The Government of Kerala says that this decision will affect the leather trade from the center.

Apart from Kerala, the West Bengal Government and Tamil Nadu DMK have also opposed this decision of the government. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has denied her decision to term her as unconstitutional.

In Kannur of Kerala, the Youth Congress workers have been accused of cutting cow to protest against this government's decision. In this case the police filed a case against some people. After a video was exposed on social media, people had strongly criticized it.   

A PIL has also been filed in the Kerala High Court on Monday against the ban on buying or selling animals in slums for slaughter. Critics of the Center's decision say that the central government has not banned the beef directly, but it is trying to ban the beef from the backdoor under the new law.